hpv-kling2ALAN KLING, M.D

Dr. Kling is a recognized expert in the field of HPV treatment, Dr. Kling has lectured on HPV at Columbia, Cornell, Mount Sinai, NYU, Yale and many other medical centers, as well as at numerous national meetings. He is up-to-date on the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of HPV. Dr. Kling is the recognized go-to-person for HPV-related diagnoses in the metropolitan NYC area.
Dr. Kling’s private practice offices are located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan and in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The offices are comfortable, stylish, elegantly decorated and impeccably clean. You can feel reassured that your consultation and treatment will be performed by an accomplished, experienced, and well-respected board-certified physician.

Q: Do birth control pills increase the risk for a woman of developing an HPV infection?
A: Women who use birth control pills have a small increased change of developing an HPV infection.

Q: Which woman are at greatest risk of developing an HPV infection while on birth control pills?
A: Young women who started taking birth control pills before they were 20 years old and who took them for more than 5 years are at greater risk of developing an HPV infection.

Q: How does the birth control pill increase a woman’s chances of getting an HPV infection?
A: Chronic exposure over many years to estrogens makes the cervix more vulnerable to being infected by HPV. Sexual behavior in women who are less than 20 years old is frequently associated with multiple partners and non-protected sex, and this group is also more likely to be on the birth control pill.