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Adult on-set acne or post adolescent acne is prevalent particularly in woman and usually returns when a person is in their 20’s and 30’s. Woman are particularly surprised when they find acne in their adult years since Acne is associated with puberty and that stage has been long forgotten. Most of this article will refer to problems that will occur exclusively with woman but the end of this article will deal with a few possibilities that may cause acne in men. The acne in adults is an interesting version of the original Acne Vulgaris and simply will come and go with surprising speed. Dermatologist understands the stages of this skin condition and in most cases recognize the symptoms and prescribe appropriate medication to break the cycle and manage the outbreak.

The Chemical Change

Your hormones go through cycles and with the onset of hormonal changes there is an increase in androgen, a male hormone found in both men and woman. What should be happening is the hormones cause the sebaceous glands to develop and an increase in sebum production develops, excreting more sebum causing acne. In fact what seems to be actually in actuality is the body is overacting to normal level of androgen and the female hormone progesterone. What may also be occurring is woman taking medication like oral contraceptive may have androgenic effects on the body. Food and other factors entering into the body could increase levels of androgen.

The acne you get as a mature woman is a different acne. There are usually no white and black heads and since the condition is all caused by a momentary influx of hormones and the body’s reaction to that influx, the acne is also temporary and does not last the same course as acne you may have gotten during your adolescent years during puberty.

Menstrual cycle is probably the first time you will see these spots you will notice how quick they will come and go. In fact a case where a woman called up to make an appointment in total desperation with her new found skin condition. By the time her time came to see me her acne had all but disappeared. Her annoyance at this quick change of affairs was clear. I prescribed cream to break this cycle matched with her menstrual cycle with positive effects.

Pregnancy is another case where a woman’s hormones go haywire and extreme levels of hormones are present in the body. It expected for the sebaceous glands to grow and an increase in sebum production to occur. The body reacts to those changes causing acne to found on the skin. The acne is usually worse in the first trimester and will gradually clear up. Those breastfeeding still might experience the effects of the hormones in the body and suffer from acne. In the cases where woman get that famous healthy shine instead of acne then the hormonal change that exacerbates the sebaceous glands will occur after pregnancy, so enjoy the healthy shine while it lasts.


There are drugs to take for your acne when it surfaces during these times. Acne during your menstrual cycle can help with the outbreaks. Pregnant woman should be particularly careful when taking drugs and the best advice is not to take anything unless it is absolutely necessary and if it actually approved for people taking. The drugs that you can take are likely to contain Erythromycin, Benzamycin Gel and Azelaic Acid. Azelaic Acid is actually considered a Category B drug so it should only be taken when absolutely necessary. These drugs can be passed through the mother’s milk so woman should cautious and decide with a competent dermatologist on the course of action.

Menopause may seem like a stage where hormonal fluctuation is finished but as estrogen level lower and are replaced with testosterone it can also impact on sebaceous glands and an increase in sebum production causing acne to develop.

Acne and Men

For the most part, men will not see acne on the skin on the same level and frequency as woman. Acne in men will usually disappear by your early 20’s. Cases can occur when high level of testosterone is produced by the body causing acne lie when you take performance enhancing drugs. It is possible you do not have acne at all and you can discuss the diagnosis with your dermatologist.
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