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There are a number of different types of acne both in terms of when in a patient’s age group they get acne but also the stages of acne and how bad the acne may be. Acne can come and go, Its starts in adolescence and may go away. It may never resurface but a small percentage may get period of acne or even full blow acne conditions later in life. Acne can come in varying levels of severity. We want to discuss here these aspects. When we talk about acne scarring and its significance to skins complexion we always see how bad the acne was before. So it is helpful to know the different factors to know where you stand.

Mild acne, come in the form of small pimples both blackheads and white heads, there is no inflammation with this form acne. At this early stage of acne they are only a few small pimples concentrated mostly on the nose and forehead. The Mid acne can be treated with either home acne products or a good period of daily washing of the affected area. Care should be taken to see if the acne develops and spreads. You can discuss with us the best treatments for this acne. Proper early treatment will protect you from any scar damage. A lack of skin protection or hygiene will most likely lead to more moderate form of acne.

If the acne develops into moderate acne your acne’s condition will worsen. The number of blackheads will increase. The while heads will become more inflamed. The condition will start to spread beyond the concentrated areas of the nose and forehead to other areas of the body. This stage also starts the point where there it is difficult not to pick and squeeze the pimples. As discussed in another area, habitually picking pimples will only effect the scarring the skin will be left with. Even though continued use of over home skin products will be effective against this level of acne. It’s important to have a meeting with us. If you haven’t spoken to us until now it’s recommended to discuss options to protect your skin from lasting scaring.

As we move from moderate to severe acne signs of acne become more defined. The inflammation is worse while the amount of pimples is clearly greater in quantity and more prevalent in a number of places and less focused just to the facial area. At this point the home care products will be ineffective and you should make sure as you see the acne nearing this stage to consult with us and we can decide on the correct course of action. At this stage there is a very high likelihood of scarring, the acne has to be dealt with properly.

The last stage is acne cysts. They are extremely painful and are developed throughout the body including the back and chest. It is very hard to manage and usually requires rigorous systemic medications to control.

Acne that resurfaces during adult years is the same as juvenile acne. It’s far more prevalent than people believe. Adults should be cautious not to just pick at their acne. That will lead to scarring. A dermatologist can take care of the acne. We can take care of the acne while looking at the scarring that may have appeared after the last acne period.