4 Things to Know About Laser Acne Scar Removal

In the world of aesthetic dermatology, there are a number of different treatments out there, and new ones seemingly springing up every single the day. When it comes to skincare, dermatologists and patients across the country are generally trying to combat the same issues, and while each of these treatments claim to do it in some, amazing new and innovative way, the fact is that they are all fighting against the same issues. For the most part, according to Dr. Kling, considered to be the best dermatologist in Manhattan, the most common skincare issues are a product of aging, skin discolorations, acne, sun exposure and other similar issues. When it comes to issues surrounding acne, there is quite a bit that can come about as a result, aside from just having the regular old pimples. One of the biggest issues that comes from acne is acne scarring – often coming about as a result of acne which has been allowed to heal, without proper medical intervention. As the best dermatologist Upper East Side patients have to look to, Dr. Kling often warns that acne scars are a product of bad, cystic acne issues, which when left to heal on their own, can be flooded with too much or too little collagen from the body’s natural healing mechanisms. When there is too much collagen present it often created raised acne scars and when there is too little, it creates depressed acne scars. And when it comes to acne scar removal NYC patients are often fairly uneducated on the topic and how to go about treating such issues to begin with. In this article, to better educate patients, we will be going over a few of the most important things to know about one of the most popular forms of acne scar removal NYC dermatologists recommend, laser acne scar removal.

Lasers Can’t Actually Rid You of Acne Scars

Its important to understand that while lasers have become one of the go to options for acne scar removal NYC dermatologists are turning to, it doesn’t actually remove the acne scars entirely. In essence, according to Dr. Kling, the best dermatologist in Manhattan, what you are doing is replacing one scar, for a far less noticeable one, as lasers simply make acne scars less visible and are able to resurface the outer lasers of the skin. In addition, lasers can also help to prevent raised scars from forming, reduce pain associated with the scar, and help to loosen the skin around the scar and make it less constrictive of your facial movement.

The Person with the Laser Makes a Huge Difference

The fact is that like most other cosmetic dermatology treatments, one of the biggest things you have to consider is how experienced and skilled the person with the laser actually is. If the person isn’t very experienced and isn’t well versed with laser acne scar removal, you aren’t going to get the best results. Its always good to do your homework and make sure that you visit a qualified dermatologist or laser acne scar removal expert, with before and afters of good work to show you.

A Consultation is Vital

Its important for anyone who is looking to have laser acne removal NYC dermatologists should always schedule a consultation appointment, in which they are able to closely examine your acne scars and identify how well the laser treatment will work for you. In addition, there are certain questions they should ask about your skin, such as whether or not you are a smoker, if you get cold sores, or suffer from any other skin or medical conditions.

Certain Changes May Need to Be Made

When it comes to having laser acne scar removal NYC patients need to be aware that they might have to change certain lifestyle factors about themselves, otherwise they might be susceptible to adverse effects and other issues. According to Dr. Kling, the best dermatologist Upper East Side patients have for acne scar removal, its important to quite smoking for at least two weeks before your laser treatment, avoid taking certain vitamins like E, aspirins or other meds that can cause you not to heal as fast, avoid using certain skincare products such as retinas a bit before, as they might irritate your skin. And certainly avoid over exposure to sunlight before and after your treatment.

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