Stretch marks – not marks for life

There are a number of causes that a person may start to see stretch marks. The primary cause in woman is Pregnancy while their skin is being physically stretched, but hormonal factors may also be an aspect . Men can also see stretch marks when they gain or lose weight very quickly. Children during growth […]

Good advice for Acne Beginners

We are covered in skin. It’s actually an organ. If you’re reading this as a parent or you might be between 10 and 13 years old, stumbled upon this piece and you woke up seeing some white or black dots on your face, there are few things to know. First dealing with Acne is something […]

The Dangers of UV light and Age Spots

We love to the summer and relaxing on a hot summer’s day on the beach or just out and about. We know, when we got to the beach to put sunscreen on but just relaxing in the hot sun does not usually get us to put on cream. When it’s not summer and the sun […]

How to Treat Your Molluscum Contagiosum

Finding bumps on your body can be strange for many people. If you’re older you probably thinking what else it could be apart from Acne. As the options dwindle, the doctor will probably be able to tell you if its molluscum contagiosum or not. Molluscum contagiosum is an STD and can go away on ts […]

Studies Shows Issue with Scars

Scars can be an uncomfortable addition to our bodies and if they are placed in a conspicuous place it doesn’t help matters. The physiological effects of scaring whatever the cause are well known, caused by memory of the origin of the scaring and awareness of the ugliness of the form on the skin. The physiological […]

Eczema and Keeping It Under Control

Eczema is a full time job on its own and apart from the help and support of your dermatologist and doctor a daily schedule is essential to keeping it under control. For most people leaving adolescents behind and becoming an adult will signal the end of eczema. Knowing the things that you need to change […]

Tinea Versicolor

It seems like we share our environment with fungi as well as germs and other harmful elements. Fungi can easily find itself on our skin and rapidly grow in the right environment. As they grow it can develops into an infection on the skin. Tinea versicolor comes in the form of small, flat spots on […]

Consider These Points Before Getting Laser Hair Treatment

Most people want to look their best regularly cut the hair but also look at the hair on the rest of their body for anything looking to scruffy. Plucking, shaving and waxing becomes part of alot of peoples beauty regime. Women generally look at their eyebrows, under arms and legs to look clean of hair. […]

Psychological Effects of Having HPV

Getting any disease causes both physical and psychological discomfort and pain. It has been discovered by using various research methods from patients and medical care givers that our sexual needs are very central to our happiness and well being. They in some ways define us and impact on us in a very deep and meaningful […]

Actinic keratosis not really a laughing matter

Most people hope to grow old graciously and the smooth blemish free skin they enjoyed ages nicely giving them a nice look. As we age we need to watch our skin. If you notice black or brown spots on your skin you should evaluate how much your skin gets and what care you have shown […]