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hpv-kling2ALAN KLING, M.D

Dr. Alan Kling is recognized as one of the foremost specialists in the field of HPV infections. Throughout his years as an HPV specialist, Dr. Kling has contributed to research and lectured at various medical schools, including Columbia, Cornell, Mount Sinai, NYU, and Yale as well as having been a part of a number of national panels on HPV and HPV prevention. His extensive research has allowed him to keep up with the latest HPV treatment protocols and to educate others in the field as well. While HPV is an important field of dermatological study for many physicians, Dr. Kling has clearly separated himself from the pack, making him the top HPV treatment specialist in NYC today.

Dr. Kling's private practice offices are located at his Park Avenue practice on the Upper East Side and in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

What is HPV?
HPV infections are far more prevalent than most are aware. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the world. HPV (human papillomaviruses) can have a number of associated symptoms, including genital warts, itching, reddish skin, and irritation. However, most patients don’t exhibit any outward symptoms. Therefore, early detection, and the avoidance of suspected carriers can be nearly impossible.

HPV also serves as a precursor to a number of other diseases and conditions, ranging from genital warts to, in the most severe cases, different types of cancers. The most common cancers caused by HPV include cancer of cervix, anus, rectum and oropharynx (tonsils and tongue).

Sadly, HPV infections have no known cure. Treatment focuses on removal of the genital warts and preventing their spread. Regardless, warts may go away on their own. Treatment focuses on removing the warts. A vaccine that prevents the HPV strains most likely to cause genital warts and cervical cancer is recommended for boys and girls.

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